Glorious Day–College Sports Come to Comcast

ESPNU and Comcast have strike a deal

Get ready to watch as much college water polo and indoor track as your heart desires. ESPNU is coming to Comcast.

While some Comcast subscribers are close enough to see ESPN's Bristol offices from their living rooms, they have been sent to friend's houses or sports bars to get their fix of college lacrosse, football and basketball. 

Well, that changed Tuesday when the cable giant said it reached an agreement with ESPN to add the college sports channel to its digital tier. You need the Digital Classic level of service to get ESPNU. If you do, you'll be ready to watch the Huskies during football season.

Oh, and that's not all. Comcast Internet subscribers will have access to, which features live sports events right on your laptop.

Comcast had resisted adding the cable channel since its debut in 2005, leaving Connecticut subscribers hitting up friends or local sports bars to watch UConn football and men's and women's basketball games that aired on ESPNU.

There's also good news for football fans. Comcast and the NFL have ended their pat and agreed to a 10-year contract for the NFL Network. The cable company has offered the channel on its digital tier since 2007.

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