Children Responsible for Derby Church Vandalism: Cops

Derby police have identified the suspects who vandalized a church in April, and they are just seven and 10 years old.
Holes still remain in the historic stained glass windows at the Immanuel St. James Church in Derby. 

“When they said the ages of the kids, I said 'oh Lord,'” said Al Smith, groundskeeper at the church.
The children allegedly threw rocks through the windows in mid-April, and came back again this month.

“I’m upset…I want to go down there and whack them on the butt,” Smith admitted.
Police did not say how they were able to identify suspects, but said when they brought the kids in for questioning with their parents, they admitted to everything.

“ do something like that, it doesn’t make sense,” Smith said.
Investigators said the families of the suspects may have to front the bill for repairs, and it won’t be cheap.  Some of the glass is from the 1800s and insurance might not cover the entire cost.

“A Tiffany window in there we've had estimates on that up to a million dollars,” Smith said.  
Police did not arrest the kids, and said they would forward the cases to juvenile court.

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