Cromwell Mayor Asks Group Home for Mentally Ill to Relocate

The day after Cromwell residents voiced their concerns about plans to open a group home for men with mental illnesses, the town mayor is asking the home to find a new location.

Residents and town officials packed into the Cromwell Town Hall on Monday night to discuss the group home at a public forum.

The home, which would treat up to six men at 5 Reiman Drive, would be located in a school zone, and neighbors worried for the safety of their children.

"The majority of the concerns centered around the close proximity of this residence to Cromwell Schools and the makeup of the neighborhood, which contains a number of children and teenagers," the mayor's office said in a statement Tuesday.

Although Gilead Community Services, the company that will run the group home, defended the safety and location of the facility on Monday night, the mayor wasn't convinced.

"Because of the lack of information provided by Gilead and DEHMAS based on the concerns by those in attendance, Mayor Enzo Faienza is officially and publically [sic] requesting, on behalf of the citizens of the Town of Cromwell, that Gilead consider relocating to a more suitable location," the mayor's office said.

Dan Osborne, chief executive officer of Gilead Community Services, said he has no official comment on the mayor's request.

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