CT Doctors Give Ugandan Woman Life Changing Gift


Doctors in Connecticut have given a woman who is 7,000 miles from home a chance to live a full life. Jonas Tumuhebwe lost her husband and both of her hands in a brutal attack in her home country of Uganda. The 33-year-old, mother of 6, had all but given up.

"For the last 3 years, I've been so dependent. People would feed me, bathe me, take care of literally everything about me," Tumuhebwe recalled.

A Madison based humanitarian group called "Call to Care Uganda" is giving Jonas reason to smile again. President Martha Hoffman met Jonas and brought her to Connecticut where she was introduced to Dr. David Knapp who fitted here with 2 prosthetic arms.

"It has touched me deep within. I'm so grateful that while other people wanted me to die, there are people who want me to live," said Tumuhebwe

On Thursday, she visited the doctor's office in North Haven for the last time before heading home. The transformation has not only been on the outside for Jonas, but on the inside as well. Her doctor has seen it first hand.

"She came here 3 weeks ago and she's able to do so many more things in that short amount of time. It's been life changing for her," said Dr. Knapp, of Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Jonas says it's been years since she could hold a pen and write her name, but did just that on Thursday. She says she's thankful for those who have finally given her a reason to laugh again.

"There is a joy that I can't explain. I even think and pray I'll be able to forgive those who did those evil things to me, so I can live on," Tumuhebwe said.

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