Dog Abandoned in Cage in Enfield is Put Down

A dog that was found abandoned in a cage in Enfield last month has been put down.

The male German shepherd was found on September 14, 2019, in a cage down an embankment, according to police. He appeared to be healthy and was wearing a blue collar with a black clasp.

After the dog was taken to a licensed veterinarian, a health and beavior assessment determined he was overly aggressive and beyond the tolerance level that was considered acceptable for a potential adoption, police said.

"When a licensed veterinarian determines that a dog is injured or diseased and that they are unlikely to recover, the dog is to be humanely euthanized," officers said in a Facebook post.

The dog was euthanized in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes, police said.

"This was a professional decision made on the responsibility not only to our community, but to the animal, who based on his behavior had led a difficult life at the hands of someone who clearly does not share our love of animals, authorities continued in a Facebook post.

Officers continue to investigate the incident.

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