East Hartford's Mayor Freezes Budgets Because of Storm Costs

The mayor of East Hartford is imposing a town department budget freeze effective immediately, in part because of the cost of winter storms this season.

Mayor Marcia Leclerc said she is asking all town departments to “stop all non-emergency spending” because of lower than expected revenues this year and the higher winter storm-related costs.

“This is a proactive step to insure the town budget is in balance for the 2014 fiscal year,” she said in a statement. 

“With respect to this budget freeze, I am asking all town departments to take the necessary steps to stop all non-emergency spending for the remainder of the fiscal year while keeping the existing service level in place,” Leclerc said.

The mayor said she all purchases from today forward must have her approval.

She is also asking all departments to “be judicious with overtime spending, approving it only when contractually required or absolutely necessary.”

In addition, all vacant positions will be filled only with the mayor’s approval until June 2014.


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