Washed Out and Flooded

Heavy rain and even ice impacting the morning commute

Yesterday, there was a bridge on Pine Brook Road in East Hampton. Today, it's gone. Water washed it away.  

Rain, mixed with melting snow, has bloated rivers and washed out many roads, filled basements with water and forced emergency crews to evacuate some areas.

There are reports in Oxford of several empty cars and two pickups being swallowed by the Housatonic River, the Connecticut Post reports.

Rain started falling before noon on Sunday and continued until late morning on Monday, dropping 3 to 4 inches of moisture. In Danbury, 4.2 inches fell.   

Gov. Dannel Malloy activated the Emergency Operations Center on Monday morning in the case that towns and cities need assistance for flooding conditions, Emergency crews have been monitoring conditions across the state and the military department placed equipment and troops in areas of the state that are expected to receive the brunt of the flooding.

Weather is also affecting train service.

The Danbury Branch train service of Metro-North will be suspended until further notice because of a track washout in Bethel. Danbury customers should use the main line New Haven or Harlem stations for alternate service.

After the rain, snow was reported in several towns, including Vernon and Manchester.

Road closures:

  • Route 63 in Canaan is closed between Routes 126 and 7 because of flooding.
  • Route 201 in Griswold is closed between Rixtown Road and Coal Pit Hill because a tree is down.
  • Mt. Carmel Avenue in Hamden, between Whitney Avenue and New Road is closed. The Quinnipiac University campus can be accessed by New Road to Mt. Carmel Avenue gates.
  • Route 7 in Kent is closed near Bulls Bridge.
  • Grove Street in New Milford, near Anderson Avenue and Danbury Road, or Route 7 and Kent Road, Bridge Street and Peagler Hill.
  • Route 202 is closed at the Litchfield town line, because of water over the road.
  • Route 147 in Middletown is closed between Route 157 and Cherry Hill, because of water over road.
  • Route 165 in Preston is closed at Prodell Road because power lines are down.
  • Route 53 in Redding is closed between Umpawaug and Diamond Hill Road because of water over road.
  • Route 25 in Monroe is closed northbound at Judd Road and Purdy Hill and Southbound at Route 59. The area in is flooded and impassable. Traffic is being diverted through side roads.
  • Route 7 in New Milford is closed between Route 202 and Sunny Valley Road because of water over the road.
  • Route 17A in Portland is closed between Summer Street and Route 17 for water over the roadway.
  • Route 7 in Ridgefield is closed between Route 35 and Route 107 because of flooding.
  • Route 10 in Southington closed at Clark and Grove streets because of flooding.
  • Rowley Street, Route 800, in Winchester is closed at New Street due to flooding.
  • Route 47 in Woodbury is closed between Route 132 and Peter Road because of water over the road.
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