Forget Jellyfish! Watch Out for Needles

State police are warning people in Lyme to be careful around the Eight Mile River.  Syringes were found in a trash can at a park off of MacIntosh Road.

Police don’t know where the syringes came from.  A town employee found them while emptying out the garbage can at the park.

Since then, police have stepped up patrols in the area to make sure the families who frequent the spot are kept safe.

“They are dangerous.  Even in a medical profession, when they use them, they have to be disposed of in a proper manner and not just discarded.  So with something being found by a swimming hole, it does raise a little bit of concern,” said State Police Sgt. Chris Johnson.

Police say it’s best to take a look around the park before you swim or put down a blanket.

“I’ll keep an eye out on the ground and look to see if I see trash.  I do think that this park in particular stays pretty clean,” said Erica Robb of Lyme.

The people at the park say they’re not too worried about the syringes.  The park is most frequented by families and people walking dogs.

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