Former State Lawyer Gets Fourth Tasering

Imagine being shot with a Taser.  Now imagine it three more times, and being sprayed with pepper spray twice, and attacked by a police dog all within six months. That's happened over three installments to Henry J. "Hank" Pawlowski Jr., 41, at the hands of East Hartford Police.

The latest arrest came Wednesday night when he was in the process of being booked at East Hartford police headquarters for an incident in June when he became agitated.

According to the Hartford Courant, Pawlowski became very combative with an officer and began to swear at the officer as he was being booked. The officer tried to calm Pawlowski down by telling him the process was almost done.

Apparently Pawlowski couldn’t wait to get tasered again.

Police told the Courant that during fingerprinting, Pawlowski took a stance as if he was going to attack the booking officer, so the officer took Pawlowski to the ground while two other officers used their Tasers on Pawlowski.

He was charged with interfering with a police officer.

Pawlowski must just have bad luck with the police because he was at the station for assaulting an East Hartford police officer when he spit in the officer’s mouth back in June.

Officers were called to Pawlowski’s Oxford Drive home by relatives where they reportedly found him overdosed on the anti-anxiety drug Ativan. Police said they were told he took 20 pills.

During this altercation he was pepper sprayed and shot with a Taser before being bound to a stretcher to be taken to the hospital.

Pawlowski’s first run in with East Hartford Police was back on Jan. 6.

Most recently, Pawlowski fled from an automobile accident Tuesday and refused to get out of his car, said officers.   So, police pulled him from the vehicle.

When he continued to fight, police resorted to a stun gun. That was not enough to subdue Pawlowski, so they brought out the dogs – a K-9 named Oden.

Police cuffed Pawlowski and put him in the car, but Pawlowski just didn’t know to stop.  He continued to fight with police, so they sprayed him with pepper spray.

Before all of his problems, Pawlowski was a Board of Education member and state Freedom of Information Commission lawyer.  He was fired from his $78,707-a-year FOI job; and resigned his position on the board of education shortly after his January arrest.

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