Hamden Schools Review Policy After Kids, 5, Flee

A Hamden elementary school is reviewing its security protocol after two kindergartners left school Tuesday and were found about one mile away.

The two 5-year-old girls hid in a classroom and walked out of the building about noon Tuesday, Hamden police said. They were found safe.

A cafeteria worker at Ridge Hill School discovered that the two 5-year-old girls were missing after didn't pick up their lunches, authorities said.

School staff and police searched for the girls and a teacher found them 20 minutes later walking along a road, about a mile from school.

Hamden's superintendent and the chair of the board of education sent a letter home to parents Thursday about the protocol review.

Parents are being asked to "please reinforce with your children that they should never leave their school unless they are accompanied by a supervising adult,” the letter states. “It is the responsibility of the school staff and parents to work together to ensure the safety of all of our children."

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