Happy Trails, $200M Worth

Once the ground thaws, people in Connecticut could be getting to work and putting federal stimulus money to work.

A working group Gov. M. Jodi Rell appointed has approved more than $200 million worth of transportation projects.

“We have been preparing for weeks to expedite these projects, literally have them shovel-ready,” Rell said. “Now with this approval, we intend to have these projects underway by the spring construction season.”

Overall, Connecticut expects to receive approximately $3 billion in stimulus funds. About $1.65 billion is in direct aid or grants while $1.3 billion will cover state Medicaid expenses.

Transportation projects include everything from roadside safety improvements across the state to a $73 million reconstruction of the Route 1 Amtrak Bridge.

 “We literally want shovels in the ground and people hired by next month,” Governor Rell said. “It is essential we put people back to work and money back into our economy as soon as possible. These projects will do that as well as improve the condition and safety of our roads and bridges.”

  • Trumbull/Fairfield: Merritt Parkway safety improvements, resurfacing, bridge improvements. $70.8 million.
  • Branford: Reconstruction of Route 1 Amtrak Bridge. $73 million
  • Statewide: Resurfacing. $18.8 million
  • Northwestern Connecticut: Joint replacement of various bridges. $5 million
  • Enfield: Rehabilitation of the Route 5 Bridge over I-91. $7 million.
  • Westport: Rehabilitation of Hales Road Bridge over Metro-North rail lines. $4 million.
  • In mid-December, the state DOT notified the Town of Westport it was closing the Hales Road Bridge, Westport Now reports.  The DOT said inspectors had determined the bridge could not safely carry vehicles of more than three tons. The state said at the time it expected it would be sometime in early 2010 before the bridge is replaced.
  • Old Saybrook: Replace joints on Baldwin Bridge on I-95 over Connecticut River. $5 million.
  • Ashford: Rehabilitate Route 89 bridge over Mount Hope River. $1.45 million.
  • Statewide: Repair/replace overhead sign supports at 20 locations. $5.6 million.
  • Manchester: Install traffic control signal at Slater Street/Circuit City driveway intersection. $300,000.
  • Statewide: State Traffic Commission-required traffic signal installation. $7 million
  • Statewide: Roadside safety improvements. $4 million.
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