How Low Can Gas Prices Go?

Experts Say Prices Could Drop Below $2.50

If you drive, you know gas prices in Connecticut have dropped quite a bit in the last month, but now the American Automobile Association says the per gallon price could continue to drop below $2.50 by the end of November. 

The national average for a gallon of regular is currently $2.67. The average in Connecticut is $2.74.  While we wait for the prices to come down, here's a list of gas prices that NBC30 found Monday morning: 

  • $2.47 at the Ravi on Maple Avenue in Hartford
  • $2.56 at a Mobil in Vernon
  • $2.79 at a Mobil in Newington

Jim McPherson of AAA shed some light on why there has been such a fluctuation.

"The price of gasoline that they charge reflects, to a degree, what they pay for it but also their overhead, some locations for example are much more expensive to own or rent, then there's also the issue of zone pricing," he said.
Drivers said they are happy with current prices, which have dropped by $1.50 off their high back in July but, not surprisingly, they would like to see them come down even more. 

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