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I-95 Motorists in Conn. Mystified by ‘Singing Road'


It’s been compared to the sound a pod of humpback whales makes, or to a soundtrack from a horror movie.

The unusual noises on a stretch of Interstate 95 in southeastern Connecticut have gotten it dubbed “the singing road” or “the singing highway,” and it has motorists perplexed.

Some who responded to queries from The Day said it’s had them worried that their car may have something wrong with its tires or bearings, prompting them to seek out a mechanic. Others said they’ve seen motorists pulled over on the side of the road checking their car.

Transportation officials told The Day that the sound heard between exits 91 and 92 in Stonington comes from high frequency rolling of the roadway that’s done in cool temperatures, as part of a general resurfacing project expected to hit full stride in 2024.

“Potholes and crumbling pavement are very difficult to repair during cold weather therefore this resurfacing was performed as a temporary fix ahead of the winter season,” state Department of Transportation spokesperson Kafi Rouse told the newspaper. “This resurfacing is a temporary solution until full-scale milling and resurfacing paving can be performed as part of a larger project.”

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