Let the Celebration Begin!

Rain Wasn't Stopping Middletown's Fireworks Display

Middletown held its annual Fourth of July fireworks a few days early. The Thursday display was a cost-saving measure, so the city didn't have to pay employees for working on the holiday.

But this year, storms threatened the fireworks display. While everyone was claiming their seats, it started pouring. People ran off the hill and into their cars for cover.

"Guy came up and said we were on the top of a hill there and you'd be like a lightning rod that we shouldn't be there with our umbrellas," said Steve Klick of Portland.

Those who decided to stick it out were rewarded. They weren't going to let a little rain ruin their Fourth of July celebration.

"We actually got upgraded seats here because we were down there and everybody left, so now we're good up on top of the hill here," said Peter Sprague of Middletown.

So even though the ground was a little soggy and people were soaking wet, the show did go on.

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