‘Love and Laughter' No-Touch Parade Brings Joy to Southington Streets

NBC Connecticut

In Southington Thursday, an unlikely trio took to Center Street to do their best to raise spirits and get a smile from passers-by.

Valentine the Clown was joined by her friends Jingles the Elf and Miss Kitty Cat in the “Love and Laughter” no-touch parade. The caravan started in the Mulberry Street neighborhood and continued through the town center.

“My goal is to lift spirits, cruise the streets, have people participate,” said Valentine. “I want pots and pans, decorated doors, wave, scream and be happy even if it's five minutes today.”

Cars decorated with streamers, stuffed animals and uplifting signs slowly made the trip through the streets lined with residents who came outside to wave and dance in the fresh air.

“People are driving by, they’re waving. we’re getting people outside,” said Jingles the Elf. “We put a smile on their face and we are still social distancing, doing what we have to do.”

The trio and their parade made ended their journey way at the Connecticut Children’s Hospital in Hartford where Valentine had her playlist and a few dance moves ready to entertain the children.

“We know what’s going on. But do you know from the movie The Grinch? And when he stole everybody’s stuff and the next morning all the people in Whoville still were happy,” said Valentine. “That’s what we have to practice being.”

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