Man Hacked Women and Girls, Threatened to Share Personal Photos: Police

A Brooklyn, Connecticut man is accused of hacking cell phones and social media accounts of several women and girls and threatening to distribute their photos and personal information if they did not send him nude photos. 

State police said 25-year-old Christopher Lamb, of Brooklyn, is suspected of illegally hacking the victims' cell phones, social media accounts and online data storage. He was identified as a suspect during an investigation into incidents involving more than 20 women and girls as far back as 2014.

After obtaining the victim's sensitive photos, personal information and contact lists, Lamb threatened to send the sensitive photos to lewd websites as well as to members of the victims’ families, their friends and their employers if they did not send him nude photos, police said. 

None of the victims complied with Lamb’s demands, according to police. 

Lamb was arrested on 51 charges Friday, including promoting a minor in an obscene performance, dissemination of child pornography of victims under the age of 16, importing of child pornography, coercion and more. 

He pleaded not guilty Friday and bond was raised from $10,000 to $100,000. He is due in court again on April 13.

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