Man Uses Xbox to Threaten Witness: Cops

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When messages like “Rats Die Slow” and "a dead man walking" came up on the Xbox Live account, they had nothing to do with any game of Halo.

Cops say Anthony Hayward, 23, of Hamden used the account to threaten a witness is the drugs and gun case against him.

The unfriendly message came after Hayward posted $75,000 bail from an arrest in New Haven for allegedly having drugs and a stolen gun in his car, cops say.

Then, cops say, Hayward threatened the witness on Xbox Live in December.

Hayward surrendered to Milford police on Tuesday. Now the charges against him also include intimidating a witness, tampering with a witness and harassment.

He was arraigned on Tuesday in Milford Superior Court and is being held on $50,000 bail.

He's due back in court April 30.
Hayward's lawyer argued for a lower bail, noting Hayward's voluntary surrender.

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