West Hartford

MDC Continues Repair Work After West Hartford Sewer Blockage

The Metropolitan District is combating wet weather as it continues to make repairs in West Hartford more than a week after a portion of pipe liner caused a sewer blockage that flooded the area of Linbrook Road and North Main Street and sent water seeping into homes.

Last Wednesday a pipe liner failure created a sewer blockage that flooded nearly two dozen homes in the area.

While much progress has been made on repairing the blockage and cleaning up affected homes, bypass pumping is ongoing until all repairs have been completed. MDC staff is on scene during stormy weather Thursday to monitor flows in the sewers as the work continues.

MDC and its contractors have been working with affected homeowners, some of whom were displaced, to replace hot water heaters, boilers and gas furnaces, and get electrical service back in the flooded homes. As of Thursday, one homeowner remained displaced and was expected to return home next week.

The company has claims staff working with homeowners as basement cleanup continues. Insurance adjusters have begun conducting inspections at homes impacted by the flooding. Homeowners can find more information on the MDC website. 

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