Mom Can Bury Son, Almost 10 Years Later

Alexander Braginsky was killed on 9/11/2001 and all mom has is a bone fragment.

Nelly Braginsky’s 38-year-old son Alexander died at the World Trade Centre. Now that Bin Laden is dead, she told the Daily Mail she has mixed feelings of bin Laden's death but can finally bury the small fragment of bone she has of the son killed almost a decade ago.

"Thank God for justice, he will have no chance to kill another American,” Braginsky told the Mail of Osama. "But I cannot tell you that I feel happiness that another person is dead."

Alexander Braginsky, of Stamford, was the foreign exchange products manager for Reuters. All his mother has left of him is a small bone fragment from Ground Zero.

“Now that bin Laden is dead I finally feel like I can bury Alex,” she told the Daily Mail. 'I can take the small piece of bone I have and bury him finally - in memory of Alex and the 3000 who died that day.”

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