Newtown Mural Unveiled

A new mural that represents the fighting spirit of Newtown was donated to the Newtown Youth Academy Friday.

The beautiful mural is the work of  California native Nichole Blackburn who donated the 100 foot piece of art.  Blackburn started painting the mural in early October and hopes this new gift to the community will help the town to continue to heal.

"We really wanted to provide a sense of the community so we took all the communities in the Newtown area and the Newtown Youth Academy love to do," said Blackburn, who had kids of all ages come in to help. With $3000 of donated paint, they turned white walls into colorful ones and a drab conference room into one of inspiration.

Blackburn added, "Positivity and happiness and just getting out there and having fun and being a part of the community and just being with everybody."

"I love it, it's beautiful," said second grader Katelyn, who passes by the mural on her way to soccer practice every day.

"The arts are kind of the emotional representation of who we are and sports are the physical representation, so the marriage of the two is perfect," said First Selectwoman Pat Llodra.

The mural's unveiling also comes as the Youth Academy gets ready to celebrate its 5th birthday.

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