No School Bus Service in Canterbury Wednesday

Students in Canterbury Public Schools won't be taking the bus to school on Wednesday due to an administrative issue.

Parents got an alert on Tuesday night saying that the buses will be grounded and any student who cannot find a ride will get an excused absence.

Canterbury has a fleet of 12 buses and four vans that are on the road each day to serve the approximately 700 students in the district, according to school officials.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lois DaSilva-Knapton said it has to do with a registration issue. She added that all of their buses are safe and Department of Transportation inspected.

The Department of Motor Vehicles said the buses were inspected ahead of the start of the school year, but the town needed to send in forms to complete the registration process. The DMV said the town never sent the forms. DaSilva-Knapton said they are investigating.

Woodstock Academy provided buses for high school students. 

DaSilva-Knapton said some of their buses will be ready to go Thursday and they have contracted five additional buses from outside the district to make up the difference.

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