Give Me a B-O-O: UConn Replaces Cheerleaders

Cheerleading fans at UConn are upset that the school has decided to do away with the squad. Instead, they'll have spirit leaders.

UConn has decided to replace its cheerleaders with a new “spirit squad,” according to the Hartford Courant. The team won’t tumble, but will focus more on interacting with fans. The men and women will be revving up the crowds and handing out spirit buttons.

Just recently, the 24 spirit squad members were chosen. They will be dressed similarly to cheerleaders but you won’t see them performing fantastic flips. 

"We want people formerly called cheerleaders to focus in on building spirit at UConn, on spending time working on ways to engage fans and to really spread Husky spirit,” Christine Wilson, assistant vice president for student affairs and director of student activities, told the newspaper.

The news is upsetting to those who attended UConn will hopes of being part of the cheerleading squad and might have the booing and cheering.

"I feel horrible," said Terri Jackson of Wolcott. She was a terrific tumbler on the team last year and planned to continue cheering this upcoming year. She tried out for the spirit squad earlier this month and like many other veterans, didn’t make it.  Terri told the Courant, she attended UConn partly because of the opportunity to cheer. She says she might have chosen another college if she’d known the squad would be eliminated.

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