Police Investigating High-Ranking Member of Bridgeport Fire Department After Sex Assault Allegation

bridgeport police
NBC Connecticut

A high-ranking member of the Bridgeport Fire Department has been placed on leave as police conduct an investigation into a report of a sexual assault.

Police said a woman went to Bridgeport Fire Department Engine 6 on Central Avenue Thursday morning to report an incident involving her daughter and a member of the Bridgeport Fire Department.

The senior officer from the firehouse immediately notified the Bridgeport Emergency Communications Center to report the alleged incident and to have the Bridgeport Police Department respond immediately to their location, police said.   

Police said they are actively investigating a high-ranking member of the Bridgeport Fire Department for potential involvement or actions in allegations being made involving the sexual assault of a female party and the entire matter is currently under active investigation.

Acting Fire Chief Edwards has immediately placed the high-ranking member of the Fire Department on administrative leave based on the allegations while this criminal investigation is being conducted, according to city officials.

No additional information was immediately available.

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