Sex Assault Reported at Jennings Beach in Fairfield Didn't Happen: Police

The sexual assault reported at Jennings Beach in Fairfield on Aug. 1 did not happen, according to police. They said the woman retracted her story.

They said the victim, an 18-year-old Bridgeport woman, told authorities that a man who was hiding in the greenery sexually assaulted her on a path from the beach to the east side of the parking lot around in broad daylight.

Police said they found no evidence to corroborate the victim’s report and she retracted the statement, saying she was not sexually assaulted and was not the victim of a crime.

It’s not clear if charges will be filed against the woman.

“Despite the outcome of this incident the Fairfield Police Department takes every report of sexual assault seriously and conducts a full and thorough investigation into all complaints. It is our hope that this discovery does not discourage future crime victims from coming forward and restores public confidence that our community is safe,” Fairfield police said in a statement.

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