Prom Invite to Melt Over

A Granby teen work up to a romantic Valentine's Day surprise.

Granby snow prom invite
LeAnne Gendreau

A teen from Granby woke up to a great Valentine’s Day surprise and a senior prom invitation her family will be talking about for decades to come.

Stephanie Samuelson’s boyfriend, Dan, turned the feet of snow the weekend blizzard dumped onto Connecticut into a 5-foot sculpture asking her to the big dance.

Stephanie’s mother, Michelle Hébert, said Stephanie, a high school senior in Granby, and Dan, a high school senior in Simsbury, have been dating for almost a year.

Last night, Michelle’s 19-year-old son, Jamie, pulled her aside and told her about Dan’s plan to come over to the house and start working on the creative prom invitation, so she was prepared.

At midnight, construction began. Dan and Jamie worked until 5:30 a.m., just taking a coffee break.

When Stephanie woke up on Valentine’s Day morning on Thursday, it was dark.

Hebert knew she needed to get her daughter to a window, so she said told her a tree fell in the yard.

When Stephanie went to the window, she saw her surprise and her boyfriend waiting there for her and an answer.

Stephanie said yes, according to Hebert, and the happy couple will be going to both proms.

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