PURA Approves Reduced Eversource Rate Increases

Rates will be going up for Eversource customers, according to the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, but the rate increases will be smaller than the amount the utility company was asking for. 

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, or PURA, issued a ruling Wednesday on the rate increase application Eversource filed on Nov. 22 and said the average residential customer will pay an additional $5.40 per month in the first rate year. 

That rate is based on a customer using 700 kWh. It amounts to an increase of 3.8 percent in the first year, followed by increases of .78 percent in the second year and .73 percent the following year. 

Eversource wanted to increase the average residential customer’s bill around $13.7 a month, or 9.8 percent, according to PURA, but its ruling allows a 1.6 percent increase in the first rate year and a monthly residential charge reduced to $10.80 from the current $19.25. 

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