Road Renovations Will Create Jobs

New Haven's street map is getting a makeover. A plan is in place to revamp route 34 and even remove a section.

But the plan is getting mixed reaction from the locals like Kellen Kurtz.

“I use it everyday and think it's a bit of a weird section its difficult to navigate,” Kutz said.

“It would be a nice idea to have a neighborhood New Haven has improved,” says Kevin Walsh.

The Downtown Crossing Plan would transform Route 34 East from exits 1 to 4 into a neighborhood. The highway would go away, opening up 10 acres of land with space for businesses, housing and parks.

But people who live and work in town, like Mike Messina, say there are a few issues the city didn't think about.

“It's a direct access into the hospitals and the offices I call on so having to get diverted to different neighborhoods it definitely gets bogged up,” Messina said.

But New Haven’s Mayor John DeStephano's office says the plan is moving forward.

In April, the city got $5 million to start the project, a project that will create 300-400 permanent jobs plus reconnect the areas that were split when the neighborhood that used to be here was tore down 1960.

It’s a new future for an old part of town says DeStefano. The locals say as long as its done correctly, “I would wonder what that would look like… it would have to be done perfectly and with intention for it work with those two major highways right there,” says Kurtz.

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