Ski Season Underway at Ski Sundown After Late Start to Season

Just last week Ski Sundown was thrilled to finally be open for the season with 10 of their 16 trails open. Now, one week later and after at least 5 nights with temperatures below freezing,  they are on track to be fully open this week with mounds of snow on standby to be groomed.

“They snow surface plan involves just a smart strategy of where you’re going to keep snow looking forward into the year,” Jarrod Moss, director of Snow Sports School, said.

With the unfavorable weather pattern this year making for a slow start to the season, in addition to working towards getting all the trails open, the staff at Ski Sundown is also looking ahead and preparing for what this winter may have in store.

“It’s an El Niño year, we can expect it to warm up again, knowing that we look for shaded areas on the mountain that we know won’t see as much direct sunlight, snow will hold up there just fine so as things melt out through the spring we have a reserve to be able to grab from that” said Moss.

The snow guns have been on around the clock for the past week whenever the temperature has been below freezing. And with 65 acres to cover across the mountain, 3,000 gallons of water per minute are used to guarantee that the conditions are as good as possible for Ski Sundown guests every day. And all of their hard work, certainly isn’t going unnoticed.

“The snow conditions are beyond believable when you think about how little snow we’ve had naturally and the warm weather, just a horrendous situation for the management to produce good machine made snow and this is top notch,” long-time skier Jack Brunt said.

Brunt frequents Ski Sundown with good friend Jim Montlick.

“The conditions out here are absolutely fabulous, its absolutely perfect. They’ve done a great job making nice soft snow” Montlick said.

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