Council Pres Says He's Staying Put

Hartford's City Council president said Friday he has no plans to step down.

Three council members called on Calixto Torres to resign this week. Torres would replace Eddie Perez as Hartford mayor if Perez resigned or was removed from office. The council members raised concerns about Torres because of his close relationship with Mayor Perez.


Read the letter here.

Read more on the arrest of Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez here.


Perez was arrested on Tuesday, accused of bribery in a scandal surrounding a home improvement project at his home done by a contractor who also worked for the city.

"I was deeply troubled by the action by three Council members to call for a special meeting to discuss my possible replacement as Council President before the end of my two-year term," Torres said in a written statement sent to City Council members. "In no way have I been connected with the criminal proceedings surround the investigation of the administration."

Torres went on to write that he has no intention of resigning before the end of his term.

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