Swine Flu Knocks Down Coast Guard Cadets

Thirty-seven people have become ill

The swine flu has taken hold at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, sending more than three dozen people to the medical ward.

Thirty-seven people have tested positive for swine flu so far and 31 of those people who tested positive are incoming cadets at the academy, known for the summer as Swabs. Four are current cadets, and two work in the clinic.

"Fortunately, we haven't had anyone with any kind of severe symptoms," said Petty Officer Ryan Doss, a spokesman for the academy. "It's been low-grade fevers, mild coughs. We haven't had to send anyone to the hospital."

An epidemiology team from the Coast Guard was on campus over the weekend to evaluate procedures in handling the outbreak.  For now, anyone testing positive is being isolated and treated with the flu medication Tamiflu

The academy is still waiting on other outstanding test results, however the number of new reports of symptoms is slowing.

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