Tight Clothes Targeted by Meriden Schools

Meriden wants to keep students from wearing skinny jeans that are too skinny.


Skinny jeans are fashion forward, but are some of them so skinny that they're too forward for school?
The City of Meriden Board of Education is considering changing the district's dress code to address clothing choices that they say are distracting in the classroom.  The changes address clothing that's considered form fitting, and whether it's shirts, skirts, or pants, the proposed rule states that "undergarments and private body areas must not be evident or visible through clothing."  The changes go on to say that "undergarments may not be worn as outerwear."
"Administration was determining that the students' clothes were too form fitting to be worn in school, and it was a distraction to the educational environment," said Board of Education President Mark Hughes.
Parents tell NBC Connecticut the changes to the dress code suit them just fine.
“The guys they wear their skinny pants and have their pants hanging down to here," said parent Nicole Johnson.  "The girls, they have the leggings and you can see right through them.”
Board President Hughes tells NBC Connecticut they aren't banning styles of clothing, like skinny jeans, but they think some of them are too tight and inappropriate for school.
A vote is expected on the changes next month.

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