Storm Causes Flight Cancellations at Bradley Airport

Bradley International Airport is open Sunday, but some airlines are adjusting flight schedules due to the winter storm in Connecticut and other parts of the northeast.

Some flights are operating on schedule on Sunday, but most flights were proactively canceled by the airlines, according to an airport spokesperson.

Approximately 43 percent of Sunday's arriving and departing flights have been canceled by the airlines, airport officials said.

Some flights in the afternoon are still operating on their normal schedule, but airlines continue to make adjustments, the spokesperson said.

The airlines are continuing to adjust their schedules and are working on returning back to their normal flight operations for Monday, however, there may be some residual delays, according to airport officials.

Passengers who are scheduled to travel Sunday night or Monday morning are advised to check in with their airline on their individual flight itineraries and any potential re-booking options before heading to the airport.

Several airlines have put travel waivers in place, an airport official said.

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