CEO Could Avoid Obama Ire With Stock Rather Than $100M

Andrew Hall is at the center of scrutiny, so he may give up cash for stock

Andrew Hall, of Southport, is an art collector and a business genius who is mulling the choice many of us will never have, to accept stock instead of a $100 million dollar paycheck from the financial giant Citigroup, Bloomberg News reports.

Hall is the CEO of the reportedly secretive Westport-based energy trading firm Philbro LLC, which Citigroup controls.  

According to reports, Hall had threatened to leave unless Citigroup came through with a $100 million dollar bonus, equal to what it has paid out to him before. 

The problem is that since Citigroup took bailout money from the federal government, the country's pay czar must approve the payment, something that doesn't look probable.

However, Hall's little company was the main source of the $667 million Citigroup received in commodities trading, the Wall Street Journal reported, so the company wants to keep him happy.

Hall is reportedly willing to take the stock option to avoid government scrutiny. 

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