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12th Grader Wears Bathrobe for Senior Photos: 'I'm Going to Be a LEGEND'

Evan's mom had big ideas for his senior portrait session. Evan had other plans.



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    Tiffany Clark/Chaos and Clark Photography
    Photographer Tiffany Clark asked Evan Dennison, 17, "How do you feel about doing senior photos?" and received this expression from him during their photo shoot.

    Rising high school senior Evan Dennison's mom, Heather Waters, bought a "really, really large" picture frame and has it waiting to hang in their living room. All she needs now is the perfect senior portrait of her 17-year-old to go into it. 

    Waters recently arranged for a family member, professional photographer Tiffany Clark, to take Evan's photos while she was visiting their hometown of Portage, Indiana. Clark and Evan left for the shoot with a backpack filled with clothes handpicked by his mom, including a traditional button-down shirt and pants. 

    But Evan had another vision. "I knew exactly what I was doing," he told TODAY Parents

    The internet loves Evan Dennison's senior photos in a bathrobe. His mom does too, but... not for her living room.
    Photo credit: Tiffany Clark/Chaos and Clark Photography

    When they reached a field where Clark planned to stage the shoot, she couldn't get Evan to change into the clothes his mother sent with him. Instead, he pulled a bathrobe from the bottom of his backpack. 

    "Why are you doing this to me? PLEASE just wear the clothes your mom sent," Clark pleaded. 

    "I'm going to be a LEGEND," Evan replied. 

    After trying to convince him to wear the intended outfit, Clark finally gave up. She now has 47 beautiful images of Evan, robed, in a field. 

    Evan was not wrong. After Clark posted the resulting photos on her professional Facebook page — complete with captions revealing what she said to Evan to prompt his poses and expressions — the shoot went viral, much to Evan's delight. It was shared on Facebook almost 100,000 times after just a few days. 

    Clark said these photos are a true reflection of her young cousin's personality. "Evan is everything you'd ever want to see in the coolest stand-up comedian dude ever, so this is totally normal," she told TODAY Parents.

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