Dallas Gunman Was ‘Klutzy,' ‘Goofy' While in Army

Former Sgt. Gilbert Fischbach told NBC News Micah Xavier Johnson "was a nice guy"

The shooter who gunned down five police officers in Dallas last week was "klutzy" and "goofy sometimes" when serving in the military, according to his onetime squad leader. 

Micah Xavier Johnson "was a nice guy, I mean he really was," former Sgt. Gilbert Fischbach told NBC News. "He was happy. He would joke around … he [was] usually smiling."

Fischbach said Johnson served under him in the 284th Engineering Company out of Seagoville, Texas, in 2009 and 2010. Johnson spent more than four years in the Army before being discharged in 2015.

Fischbach said he had felt "incredibly upset — like someone had just sucked the life out of you," when he heard the about the attack. "This was one of my soldiers ... I had specifically trained him."

Johnson was killed in a standoff with police. 

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