What to Keep in an Earthquake Emergency Kit

There are things you can do right now to prepare for a major earthquake. An earthquake emergency kit is one way to get ready. We have a look at some of the items that should be included in that kit.

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You should have a minimum of a 3-7 day supply per person of emergency food in your emergency kits. Most canned food only has a 6 month shelf-life so try ER Bars with a 5-year shelf-life. The ER Bar is non-thirst provoking and has a balance of quality ingredients specifically designed for disaster victims.
It is recommended that at a minimum you have a 3-7 day supply of drinking water per person in your emergency preparedness kit. Bottled water only has a 6 month shelf-life; even less if stored in extreme temperatures. Try Aqua Blox which has a 5-year shelf-life and is contained in a juice box format. Check out aquablox.com for more info.
You will need emergency lights. Batteries have a shelf-life of 6 months, so try this awesome Solar and Hand Crank Lantern & Radio which never needs batteries. This genius invention also can be used to power a cell phone! Also try 12 hour emergency lightsticks and slow-burning emergency candles .
The emergency first aid kit is always a must. You probably already have a first aid kit in your home, but individual items likely get taken out of it for occasional injuries. That is why it is important to have a comprehensive first aid kit set aside for emergency preparedness.
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The American Red Cross recommends keeping a seven-day supply of medication in your earthquake kit. This will help keep you from feeling sick, especially in an emergency situation where finding your medication may be difficult. Making a list of your medications and any other pertinent medical information is important in case you find yourself in an emergency.
Use proper emergency shelter supplies including space blankets for warmth, ponchos to protect you from the weather, and a tube tent for easy emergency shelter from the elements. Additional recommended emergency home shelter supplies include a canopy shelter and body warmer pads . Check out quakekare.com for a ton of shelter supply options.
Include emergency search and rescue supplies such as vinyl rope, duct tape, work gloves and dusk masks. One very important item which can save your home and neighborhood is this multifunction 4-in-1 utility tool Check out quakekare.com for a ton of other search & rescue supply options.
For proper health and sanitation conditions, your emergency preparedness kit should include emergency sanitation supplies. One very important item has got to be this portable bucket style toilet . Check out quakekare.com for a ton of other search & rescue supply options.
Keep a list of family and emergency contact information. This could come in handy for reaching loved ones or getting help.
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Glasses or spare contact lenses are recommended so you can make sure you see any obstacles or dangers in front of you.
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In case of an emergency, be sure to make two copies of all-important documents. One set for your emergency kit and the other set to send out to an emergency out-of-state contact. This will be helpful if a doctor visit is in order or you need to get a hold of your emergency contact.
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In preparation for an emergency, experts recommend withdrawing cash from your local bank. Be sure to withdraw small bills, therefore,when an emergency occurs you will be able survive by being able to buy things appropriately priced and be given the correct amount of change in return.
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