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Hidden Valley is Releasing a Ranch-Flavored Ice Cream

The ice cream flavor will be sold at 3,500 Walmart stores beginning March 20.

Hidden Valley Ranch and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Here's another unique ice cream flavor to add to your food bucket list.

Hidden Valley Ranch announced Thursday that it is releasing a ranch-flavored ice cream later this month in collaboration with New York-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream.

The new flavor comes just in time for National Ranch Day on Friday.

"The Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream boasts the savory flavors of ranch, including buttermilk, flavorful herbs and a touch of sweetness, creating a delicious treat that pairs perfectly with salty snacks," the company said.

They say the ice cream, just like ranch dip, can be enjoyed with your favorite salty snacks, like potato chips or pretzels.

The ice cream flavor will be sold at 3,500 Walmart stores beginning March 20, though it won't be around for long. Sales will continue through May 28, the company says.

This ice cream release follows a trend of many U.S. companies releasing unexpected flavors or food variations in an effort to spike consumer interest and sales.

Baskin Robbins recently announced a chicken and waffles-flavored ice cream and earlier this month, Starbucks shared a new line of coffee drinks made with olive oil.

Hidden Valley Ranch has launched a home goods collection for anyone who wants to bring their love of the condiment into their home.
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