Julie Newmar Thinks Catwoman is the Purr-fect Role for an Actress

To Catwoman, Thanks for Everything – Julie Newmar.

Now that all those A-list actresses who were vying for the coveted role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” can tape just-cast Anne Hathaway’s photo to their scratching posts, PopcornBiz can reveal the purr-usings of the actress who first defined the sultry, slinky Selina Kyle.

“She has to tickle their fancy,” says still sinuous Julie Newmar –who initially made a pop icon out of the felonious feline on the 1960s “Batman” TV series – about what an actress needs to bring to the part.

“It's probably one of the choice roles for a woman,” Newmar tells PopcornBiz. “Why? Because she's not just a good girl or just a bad girl. She has so many fascinating qualities – and she wears black. Skin tight. That immediately takes ten pounds off your body. And she's just so saucy! It's just the most delicious character to play.”

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