Lochte Admits Naughty Swimming Pool Habit

He pees in the pool. But only sometimes.

A day after falling back into the shadow of Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte admitted to a naughty swimming pool habit.

The birthday boy, who called in to "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" Friday, said that swimmers, including him, pee in the pool.

"Of course," he told Seacrest. "I think there's just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go."

He added that it wasn't something he did during the races, but that he "sure did in warm-up."

He also said that although he's completed all his Olympic races (and has a 28th birthday to celebrate) he can't party too much just yet.

"We have this code of conduct that we all sign, the whole team, and we have to obey by it. We really still have a curfew and everything, so there is no partying just yet."

On his last day of Olympic competition, Lochte lost to Phelps in the 200-meter individual medley. He did take the silver and notched a bronze in the 200m backstroke, bringing his medal count to 11.

Still, his fantasies of trouncing his top rival fell short. In a pre-taped interview broadcast on "Today" Thursday, Lochte described the perfect race as one in which he crushes Phelps.

"In the middle lane it's me and Michael. I look over at Phelps and we have a little stare-off, look who wants it more. We step on the blocks and take your marks, boom. I take off. I'm hitting the water like a rocket and I'm not looking back."

While his sights are set on the 2016 Games, he told Seacrest that his "real dream" is beginning his own clothing line.

"I guess I just have a good eye for it. I have a very creative mind and the things that pop up in my head I kind of just put on paper or put on a shirt or shoes or anything," he said. 

But before any sort of work, he told Seacrest he's planning to take a big, long break.

"I'm not even gonna look at the water, unless it's at the beach."

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