”Melrose Place” Star Reunites With Long-Lost Daughter

Girl finds Jack Wagner after 23 years

Jack Wagner of "Melrose Place" has had an emotional week. First, there were reports that his engagement with Heather Locklear was called off. And -- in happier news -- he found his long-lost daughter after 23 years.

At a concert earlier this week, the soap star, 52, announced that a young woman named Kerry recently approached him on a cruise ship in Florida, where he was performing with Rick Springrield.

"Some of you have seen me, on the boat or around, walking around with this beautiful girl, and my daughter found me," he said according to a YouTube video of the performance.

He then beckoned the girl on stage, who began sobbing as she hugged him

"I've started a new life with her," he continued. "I said immediately when I saw her --  I was about ready to go on in Boca Raton, and this beautiful child showed a picture of her mother to the backstage guy. He brought it to me, I went to the door and she came in hysterically crying and said I'm your daughter."

TMZ reports that Kerry (some articles spell her name "Carrie") grew up in NYC with her foster parents after her mother, who had a fling with Wagner in the 80's, put her up for adoption. Wagner's rep told E! News that Wagner himself did not put her up for adoption. Kerry reportedly hired some private investigators to help track down her parents.

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