Miley Cyrus Too Ill to Perform Concert

Sick starlet forced to back out of show because of strep throat

The only thing Miley Cyrus is singing these days is the blues.

The teen pop sensation was forced to cancel her Friday night concert in Omaha, Nebraska because she came down with strep throat -- and was being nursed back to health by her kid sister.

"Nurse Noah is taking good care of me tonight," she wrote on her Twitter page. "I just put on a Snuggie and ate a popsicle."

The 16-year old left the stage in the middle of her set during a concert in Salt Lake City on Sept. 29, but the 15-minute break proved not to be enough. The following day the starlet tweeted that she was feeling under the weather.

"Keep your fingers crossed Omaha. I am not feeling to [sic] good this morning...." she twitted.

Cyrus was feeling tired before the start of her Wonder World Tour, she told People magazine.

"I'm a little tired I will admit," she told the magazine. "But I'm just taking it easy when I can and taking care of myself."

The cancelled show was rescheduled for Oct. 13.  Cyrus is scheduled to return to the stage on Saturday in Kansas City, Missouri. 

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