New Hampshire

More Hate Speech Found on UNH Campus

The racist slur is only the latest instance of racial and cultural conflict at UNH recently

College students at the University of New Hampshire are demanding action from school officials after another racist message was found in a public space over the weekend.

The "n-word" was found scrawled across a bulletin board on the University of New Hampshire campus Sunday.

This hate speech was found in Williamson Hall in front of a black residence hall director's office, on what is referred to as "the inclusion board."

The racist slur is the latest instance of racial and cultural conflict at UNH.

Earlier in the month, some argued that Cinco de Mayo celebrations featured cultural appropriation, as well as an alleged instance of blackface.

On Thursday evening, hundreds of students met with leaders at the college to address perceived failings on the administration's part to adequately address racist incidents and increase diversity among the student body and faculty.

On Friday, several swastikas were found drawn in the stairwell of a dormitory. 

In the wake of the swastikas, several plaster raised fists were placed outside on campus — some think to symbolize the spirit of students who are fighting back against this racism.

In the coming week, students plan to protest on campus in solidarity with the targeted residence hall director and others who have been affected.

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