Counter Intelligence: Family Is Lone Tenant in Fla. High-Rise

Family has luxe digs -- and not a single neighbor

See why one family is the lone tenant in a 32-story luxe Fla. high rise and take a look at our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

A family of five is the lone tenants of a luxury Florida condo building. A New Jersey firefighter and his family bought a unit in the 32-story Oasis I condo from a Miami-based realty agency, and he planned to make it his vacation home and eventual his full-time residence. But as housing prices plummeted only a few families who put down money on condos actually closed on the deal -- and those who did swapped for deals in the condo next door, leaving the family all by their lonesome. 

The family of an 11-year-old Australian girl is suing Kentucky Fried Chicken claiming she suffered brain damage and was crippled after eating contaminated product in Sydney. The girl was 7 when she fell ill -- after eating a chicken twister made of fried chicken wrapped in pita. Monika Sumaan, who is now wheelchair-bound, said she and her family got sick after eating at the fast food chain. The company denies the claim.

Guinea pigs seem to die all the time. But why? The dreadful pets are actually quite high maintenance and need a specific diet to survive -- hay, vegetables and vitamin C -- and must eat constantly or else their digestive system will stop working. They also dehydrate very easily in temps higher than 80 degrees. The rodents are also suceptible to respiratory-tract infections caused by strong aromas. They are also prone to stress.

Two new compositions by Mozart were discovered in a book compiled by the musical genius' father that was in the files at a museum in Salzburg, Austria. The works -- a concerto in G and a prelude in G -- were anonymous but the director of the foundation's research department said he believes the music was composed by Mozart before he was old enough to write music. His father likely transcribed them.

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