Brits Already Betting on Royal Divorce

It's true, you really can bet on anything.

Bookmakers in England are opening up odds on the Royal Wedding, and (almost) nothing seems to be out of bounds. People are putting money down on everything from when Kate Middleton and Prince William will divorce, whether or not the ceremony will start on time, and the likelihood of a Tube strike on the big day.

According to an MSNBC report, the average bet hovers around 3.5 pounds - roughly $5.50.

"There's a real tradition of betting on what the royals will do next," said Darren Haines, a spokesman for bookmaker Paddy Power told MSNBC. "The U.K. has a strange fascination with the royals."

Haines and others stress that this is all meant to be "fun," which meant that not everything was fair game. In a rare display of tact, bookmakers refused to take bets on whether or not there would be a terror attack on the day of the wedding.

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