Rusty Floor Holes in Older Nissan Altimas: Drivers

Hundreds of drivers have complained to federal officials that the bottoms of their older-model Nissan Altimas are rusting through, putting their feet close to the road, NBC News reported. "I'm not Fred Flintstone. This is not a good thing," Marie DeMaria, a Chicago-area realtor, told NBC News after her mechanic examined the corrosion on the floor pan of her 2005 Altima. "This is not safe. I drive every day for a living. This is very nerve-racking for me to be driving now." Several mechanics told NBC News they think it may be caused by a design flaw that prevents water from draining, allowing the floor to rot from the inside out. Despite complaints from drivers, Nissan told NBC News that it had no plans to issue a recall, noting that corrosion in older cars is not unusual. They said it is not "considered a safety defect" by the company or the government agency that administers safety recalls.

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