No Condom Required

Condoms will remain optional on adult film sets in LA County.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge dismissed a petition seeking a court order to compel county public health  officials to require condom use on porn-film sets or take other reasonable  steps to stem the spread of disease. The petition was filed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The group argued that County Department of Public Health has "passively observed an ever-growing  epidemic" in the porn industry.
Judge David P. Yaffe Tuesday rejected the petition, noting the county  has broad discretion in how it oversees public health, The LA Times reported.

The group sued the county in July. The action came weeks  after an adult-film actress tested positive for HIV and county health officials  released data showing 18 HIV cases and more than 3,700 cases of chlamydia,  gonorrhea and syphilis had been reported since 2004 by a San Fernando Valley- based clinic that mainly serves the porn industry, according to the newspaper.

Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation officials said at the time  that the majority of the cases did not involve working adult film performers.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation officials plan to appeal the decision, The  Times reported.

"We just hope the county will do the right thing without being  compelled to do it by a court," foundation President Michael Weinstein said in  remarks quoted by The Times.

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