The Voice Recap: Former Hey Monday Lead Singer Starts a Coach Battle

Truce is off

So much for that truce!

Though The Voice coaches, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera called a truce on the NBC hit reality competition just last week, all it took was a talented contestant to come between them again. So who came out on top?

Plus, Christina, Adam and Blake Shelton time to tease their fellow coach Cee Lo Green in between button-pushing and Blake landed one of the competition's hottest artists in truly hilarious fashion...

Carson sounds off on Christina and Cee Lo's season four exit: "It'll keep things fresh!"

First up is Sylvia Yacoub, 19, who grew up in Egypt. "You don't get as many opportunities just because we're women," she explains of her childhood before moving to the U.S. "I want to make these dreams come true for me and my mom." Sylvia tackles Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World" and impresses Christina, Blake and Cee Lo, despite a few pitch problems.

"I don't know if it was just me, but I felt like you were the only girl in the world," Cee Lo quips before getting mad when the other coaches talk over him. After Adam quiets down the room, Cee Lo finally delivers his pitch: "I want you on my team." Ha! Alas, it's not enough as, but Sylvia chooses her "girl" Christina. "I'm not as eloquent always," Cee Lo reasons. You don't say!

IJ Quinn is a baby-faced 25-year-old farm boy with a pretty high voice. "I kind of sound like a girl, but I'm not worried about it," he says. He sings "Virtual Insanity" and fails to turn any chairs, but gets two thumbs up from Adam. "I say this with love 'cause I thought a little bit that it was a female," he says. "I was born with a high voice, I feel you." However, the Maroon 5 frontman could hear IJ straining a little bit, so he passed. "It never ceases to amaze me when I think it's a girl," Blake says after he leaves the stage.

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Charlie Rey, a very handsome worker at his father's smog shop, is recruited by Carson to audition for the show. Charlie wants to repay his father for all of his sacrifices and reveals that his father actually has levels of carbon monoxide in his blood. He performs "Home" and is definitely a crowd (mostly all-female, FYI) favorite. He's also a favorite of Blake and Adam's as both coaches turn and duke it out for the singer. "Come home," Blake beckons with arms stretched wide. (Have we mentioned we love him yet in this recap?) Blake's shtick works as Charlie chooses to join his team.

Amanda Brown spent most of her childhood in church singing gospel music, but decided to pursue all different genres after hearing music on the radio for the rest time. Her rendition of "Valerie" starts off a little shaky, but eventually Cee Lo hits his button. None of the other coaches seem too upset over losing her.

55-year-old Yolanda Barber has been singing for 45 years and can't believe she's competing against 15-year-olds. (We love her for that sound bite!)Though she used to sing on a cruise ship, she now drives a school bus. She performs "Get Here" and though we thought it sounded pretty solid, no chairs spin for Yolanda. "You're amazing," Adam says, while Christina explains, "We're looking for specific sounds."

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The last contestant of the night is Cassadee Pope, former lead singer of the band Hey Monday, who experienced moderate success and toured with Fall Out Boy. Cue recorded message from Pete Wentz wishing his former touring mate good luck as she embarks on her solo career! Pete must have been a good luck charm as all four judges turn for Cassadee's rendition of "Torn."

Adam and Christina soon begin arguing over who pushed their button first and all four coaches gush over Cassadee's performance before learning she used to front a band, but wants to go solo. "I know how to make a solo career happen," Christina says. Adam's retort? "I can do both." Oh snap! In the end, both lose out as Cassadee surprises us and chooses Blake, who says landing her made his week. "F--k," is Adam's one-word reaction as Blake gloats.

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