Worst Movie Sex Scene of All Time?

Is the sex scene in the Watchmen a joke? 'Cause if not, it's pretty much the worst on record.

"The Watchmen" finally opened on Friday, after months of epic buzz most movies would kill to generate, and - predictably - killed at the box office, making the biggest bow of '09 thus far. In the wake of its debut, debate is raging among fans, and they're not talking about how faithful the film is to the book, or the casting choices, or even how good the CGI is.

No, they just have one question. Is that sex scene a joke?

Because the scene - in which Malin Ackerman and Patrick Wilson do the nasty inside their flying machine, to the growling strains of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah - is either the best cringe comedy you'll ever see, or the longest three minutes of your life. You kind of have to see it to know what we're talking about. This is not just bad movie sex. It would definitely count as bad sex in real life, too. It's got all the attributes: Bright lighting, unflattering angles, awkward pawing, and two people who look like they'd rather be home with a bucket of chicken and a Lost marathon.

Check out the hoopla - plus Zack Snyder discussing the scene itself - over at Buzzfeed.

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