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Lawmakers to Hold Special Session on Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Conn.

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This week, state lawmakers will return to the Capitol in Hartford for a special session on legalizing recreational marijuana.

Democrats said they have enough votes to make marijuana legal, but Republicans have several concerns including how it will affect teens.

“It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that this General Assembly is taking a vote to prevent flavored vape from being marketed in Connecticut because we recognize the impact that it’s had on our children, yet at the same time we’re going to legalize marijuana and allow it to be issued in gummy bear form, in sodas and candy and cookies and we don’t think that that’s going to impact our children. Those are the conversations we need to have,” said Rep. Vincent Candelora (R).

Lawmakers announced a deal about how to allow those age 21 and over to buy recreational cannabis starting in 2022. And on Monday state senators weighed in on the nearly 300 page bill.

Those are the conversations they hope to have during the Special Session, but it's yet to be seen if Democrats will consider their concerns and make any changes to the existing bill.

The proposal would legalize recreational marijuana for anyone over the age of 21.

Retail sales in Connecticut wouldn't begin until May 2022.

It's been a debate in Connecticut for years now, but recreational marijuana could soon be a reality. The legislation is another step closer to becoming law after the 19 to 17 Senate vote earlier this morning. It now heads to the House for a vote.

The Special Session gets underway on Wednesday. The bill had already passed in the Senate with a vote of 19-17. The Senate will have to revote now that it has gone into a Special Session. The House will also need to vote, but it will most likely be done after hours of debate.

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