Ollie Weighs in on Enoch, Adams

Ollie expects Adams to have an immediate impact next season.

Kevin Ollie spoke at Husky Day earlier this week and he was asked about, well, everything, starting with how he can be a better coach in 2015-16.

“Everything -- management of the team, getting them in better positions," he said, via the New Haven Register. "I can always improve on everything. It’s not just one thing. I’ve got to get these guys better. We all fell short. We’re all UConn, and we’d like to get to the tournament. It’s a fine line between good and bad. We lost a lot of close games. You look back at those situations, I could have done things better, players could have made shots. We’re all in this together. It’s not one thing.”

Ollie also talked about possible transfers ("No one came in my office yet, it’s always an open door.") as well as the two incoming recruits who could have a big impact for the Huskies if for no other reason than they need help in the paint and, more importantly, have to figure out how to replace Ryan Boatright.

Ollie on big man Steve Enoch: "Every time I see Steve, he’s getting bigger, he’s getting better, he’s performing very well, he’s rebounding the ball. He’s got a chip on his shoulder every time I see him. I think he’s gonna be a phenomenal basketball player for us. He’s gonna be a serviceable big man coming in his freshman year, getting to learn from Amida (Brimah), Kentan (Facey) and Phil (Nolan) on how to conduct yourself as a UConn basketball player. I see a lot of potential in him. Now, that potential’s got to turn into skill. And that just depends on how hard he’s gonna work. What I see from him, I don’t see where that pattern’s gonna stop. Every time I see him, he’s adding something to his offensive repertoire, defensive rebounding -- doing things we lacked a little bit last year.”

Ollie on guard Jalen Adams: "Jalen Adams is gonna be an instant player for us that’s gonna really impact the game instantly. He can do so much stuff off the bounce, he’s very athletic. A lot of people don’t know how good a passer he is. I’m just gonna weigh on him to come in and do the different things we know he can do. But, athletically, ball-handling, pushing the ball -- those are his strengths. I’m gonna try to display that every single day, give him a platform where he can go out there and show his God-given talents. And God has given him a lot.”

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